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Congratulations! If you are considering becoming a real estate professional, you are taking the important first step in mapping out the best plan for your education. Whether you are changing careers or just starting your journey, the good news is that today there are almost endless resources for those wanting to join the ranks of real estate professionals.

Every year, millions of homes are purchased in the United States alone. And, while research shows most individuals locate the home they want to buy online, almost 90% still use real estate professionals to help close the deal. From understanding the required paperwork to helping broker the best deal, a real estate agent is an invaluable resource to a future homeowner.

Just like the career of a real estate professional offers great flexibility, today’s real estate license courses come in a wide range of customizable options. You can now easily tailor your education to meet your schedule and learning style, with confidence that you’ll be meeting your state’s requirements, and going into the exam with confidence.

Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision possible by gathering data from the top review sites and venues for each school we feature, saving you hours of research time and helping you compare your top options in the most efficient way possible. You can use this site to easily compare multiple schools, as well as read in-depth descriptions and review summaries gathered from reputable sources. By getting the full scope of course quality, type of lessons, cost, and other key factors, you can more efficiently choose the best real estate license course for you.

What We Compare

We do the legwork for you in gathering and aggregating reviews of the nation’s top real estate education courses, and present the results in an easy-to-understand report. By gathering data from numerous sources and reviews, we cover the most important considerations for a real estate education program, including:

  •      Overview of programs offered
  •      Types of learning environments supported
  •      Price Range
  •      Quality of Technical Support
  •      Course Comprehensiveness
  •      Course Flexibility
  •      Course Interactive Features
  •      Overall Pros and Cons
  •      States Supported

Make the most of your time by visiting our single source that provides an overview of the numerous online reviews for each school, and utilize our comparison pages to narrow down your top potential choices and make a final decision. You can also filter results by visiting our Location pages to view the top schools that support your state’s real estate professional requirements.

Real Estate License Course Reviews Can Help! 

Most people value the input and opinion of their peers when making an important decision, and choosing a real estate license course is no different. In fact, studies show that almost 90% of people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. Just like when choosing a restaurant or hotel, scanning the reviews make us more secure in how we spend our money.

Getting that first-hand personal review of the good and the bad also helps us form our expectations and make fully-informed decisions that go beyond a school’s official marketing language. Afterall, you may be investing hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours of your personal time. It’s important to make the best decision possible, the first time.

Get Started

Whether you have a specific school or company you want to research, prefer to review all offerings in your state, or want to compare and contrast different companies or schools, you’ll find the information presented in this site organized in several different ways, helping meet the needs of as many students as possible. Start your research today and let us help you find the best real estate licensing course for your needs today.


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