About Us

Today’s digital world makes it easier than ever to fit your education into your schedule. From online schools to night and weekend courses, completing your requirements to become a real estate agent has never been more flexible or accessible.

You’ve made the decision to start a new and exciting career in real estate licensing. Congratulations! The flexibility, earning potential, and real ability to help others is unmatched.

So how exactly do you get started?

It’s true, there are numerous ways to complete the educational requirements for becoming a licensed real estate agent. You can attend in-classroom lectures, work through online courses, download PDFs, acquire hard copy textbooks, and even do most of your studies from your phone!

With so many choices, however, comes the risk of stalling out with “analysis paralysis.” That is, getting stuck in your research between options, trying to find the right path for you. As you are reviewing each school’s information, you’ll probably be asking yourself:

  • Is this a good price for what I am getting?
  • What courses do I actually need to qualify for my state’s exam?
  • Which schools will legitimately prepare me for my real estate license exam?
  • What am I actually getting for my time and money?

This is where we come in. We created this site after experiencing for ourselves the difficulties of sorting through the hundreds of options for completing our own real estate license courses. Who has time for that? We knew a single-stop comparison tool that helps others make the most-informed decision was just what our fellow future real estate agents needed.

We’ve spent hours researching and compiling information on the top schools across the U.S., then compiled and presented it in an easy-to-review and compare format. For each school, we’ve included important variables such as pricing, course quality, pros and cons, and student reviews. Then, as an added bonus, we offer the ability to compare top schools, one-to-one, by state.

Fast Forward Your Research

Students in today’s real estate education systems are numerous and diverse, just like the course options available. We’ve never experienced more flexibility or customization in education choices, and that’s exciting!

Rather than spending hours on search engines, review sites, and digging through each school’s websites, we’ve done the legwork for you. By compiling the most pertinent information for each school and offering an easy-to-understand and unbiased analysis, you can trust that you will be making the most informed decision possible in the most efficient way. Your time and money are valuable; we are here to help you make the most of both.

Why Real Estate License Course Reviews are Important

Most people value the input and opinion of their peers when making an important decision, and choosing a real estate license course is no different. In fact, studies show that almost 90% of people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.

Just like when choosing a restaurant or hotel, checking out other customers’ reviews make us more secure in how we spend our money. Getting that first-hand personal review of the good and the bad also helps us form our expectations and make fully-informed decisions that go beyond a company’s official marketing language. Afterall, you may be investing hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours of your personal time. It’s important to make the best decision possible, the first time.

From the functionality of a school’s website, to the quality of the textbooks, and the helpfulness of the support staff, you’ll get a view into what studying with a particular school is really like. You can learn from other students’ experiences and go into your education knowing things like how professors will most likely run their courses, how much time you’ll need to allot for exams, or how much time you’ll be sitting in front of the computer.

Combine these personal reviews with all the factual stats, you’ve got yourself an arsenal of tools to make the best decision possible.

Whether you are just getting started in your search for the best education offering, want to narrow down the options for your state, or need help making the final decision between your top options, this site is a one-stop tool that helps you fast forward to your most informed decision for your learning style, schedule, and budget.


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