Real Estate School Hacks

Get Ready for Your New Career with These Real Estate School Hacks You’ve made the decision to take your pre-license course, and now it’s time to make a plan to ace it. Review this checklist before you start to get your schedule, expectations, learning tools, and study habits in order so you can finish your … Continued

How to Get a Job After Real Estate School

How to Get Your First Job After Real Estate School When you’re in real estate school, you’ve got a lot going on—classes, state exam prep, and the rest of your work and family responsibilities. Plus, you need to think about finding a sponsoring broker so you can work after you earn your license. Even if … Continued

Top States States to be a Real Estate Agent 2018

One of the most common questions real estate agents have is: which are the best states for agents in 2018? The honest, real and raw answer is that whether you’re in a rinky-dink state or in a large one, you have all the chances to be successful as a real estate agent. As long as … Continued

Networking as a Real Estate Agent

As an agent or broker associate who’s already attended real estate school, learning how to network can definitely take your business to the next level. However, many real estate professionals struggle with finding the right networking contexts and techniques. Therefore, in this article, we’ll go over how to properly network and make acquaintances with the … Continued

How to Prepare for Your Real Estate License Exam

The big day is coming—the day you walk into a testing center and take your state’s real estate license exam. Whether that leads straight to the next stage of your new career or to an exam re-take depends on how well you prepare. To do your best, you need to know what to expect on … Continued

Getting Your Real Estate License? Here’s a Checklist to See You Through

Choosing a real estate career is exciting, but getting started can feel overwhelming. To help you plan your career move, we’ve put together a checklist of the basic steps you’ll need to complete on your way to getting licensed and going to work. Each state is different, but in general you’ll need to do these … Continued