New York Real Estate Institute vs. Hondros College


If you are looking to get licensed in real estate for the state of New York, you can choose from two paths: a smaller company laser-focused on New York requirements and industry (25 years of experience with 100,000 students), or nation-wide distance education leader (50 years of experience and 1 million students). Much of your decision will need to come down to your learning style and preferences; if you are comfortable with completely online content, quizzes, group study sessions, and proctoring, you may enjoy the flexibility and established system in Hondros Online. If you’d rather be able to add in some in-classroom courses, have a little more money to spend, and want to really fast-forward your career by working with instructors experienced specifically in New York, you’ll have a hard time finding a school that beats the 95% pass rate of New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI). Both schools offer packages with varying degrees of benefits, as well as a separate exam prep course and a la carte options for individual course. NTREI additionally offers a top-of-the-line package that includes unlimited tutoring sessions, a dedicated guidance counselor, a salesperson textbook, and more features that, if you can afford it, help you hit the ground running in the lucrative New York real estate market.


Both companies offer pre-licensing programs for the state of New York.

Hondros also offers curriculum for Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.


Both NYREI and Hondros offer packages up on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The courses are more in-depth, interactive, and complete, with options to mix in in-classroom lectures depending on your location (Hondros only offers in-person lessons at one of its several locations in Ohio). Both schools offer a similarly priced basic 75-hour package for New York licensing, but NYREI offers two increasingly heft packages above that, with its top-of-the-line course doubling in price but offering numerous benefits — like a career advisor, unlimited tutoring, and post-license resources —  that may make your investment up from well worth it. Both schools also offer individual courses at a much lower price point, along with an exam prep package that can be purchased separately (Hondros’ patented CompuCourse program is about twice as much as the NYREI prep guide).

Platinum 75-Hour Course with Textbook, Mix and Match Live and Online Courses, Ulminited Tutoring Sessions, Career Advisor, and More: $995

Basic 75 Hour Course: $495

New York State Exam Prep Package: $49

New York Real Estate Sales 75-Hour Course and Exam Prep Package: $485

New York Real Estate Sales 75-Hour Course:$425

CompuCram Study Guide: $79


Just like NYREI is an expert is New York requirements and licensing, Hondros is actually an expert for the state of Ohio, with all of its classroom locations located there. That said, Hondros has been able to duplicate its success in educating Ohio real estate agents (its website says that it has educated 92% of the state’s agents) to deliver best practices and innovative courses based on numerous other state’s requirements, but in a remote setting. Both NYREI and Hondros are far from bargain shopping, but the result of higher tuition seems to be more interactive elements, more organized and easier-to-navigate site and tools, better exam prep, more options for classes, and more networking with current agents and industry leaders, laying the groundwork for your future career.


Both NYREI and Hondros target students seeking flexibility in their education, whether that means night and weekends, or having extended timeframes to complete courses at your own pace. Hondros allows up to 6 months to complete a course, while NYREI allows for 4 months to complete a course, with the possibility of a two-month extension (for an extra $150). NYREI, however, offers you the added benefit of in-person classes that can be mixed and matched with online courses, and various classes are offered seven days a week and four nights a week. So if you’re in the city, you can take advantage of the convenience of tailoring the perfect combination of courses for your schedule, learning style, and needs.


Both schools cover the required 75 hours for the state of New York and have high pass rates, proving that both offer in-depth, appropriate content that prepares students to pass their exams. Interestingly, NYREI worked with Hondros’ parent company to create its online courses, using its New York experts to create and refine course content, so much of the experience between the two schools is similar. That said, NYREI offers a small discount on its basic package compared to purchasing it through Hondros. Additionally, NYREI offers more expansive packages that connect students with local real estate experts and other career development tools.

Level of Engagement

With quizzes and mock exams, both NYREI and Hondros both check for understanding throughout the learning path, helping ensure you are prepared by the end of the course. Hondros features an interactive “readiness meter” that helps you track your pace in completion of your courses, which is helpful. Both schools offer videos, webcasts, and other supplemental learning tools to help keep your course interesting and engaging, with NYREI offering in-person classes as well (Hondros also offers in-person classes, but all locations are in the state of Ohio). Hondros does receive high marks for its patented CompuCram tool that offers an interactive study guide to give you the best chances to pass your exams on the first try.


If you are within New York and looking to become an expert for the state, it’s hard to beat NYREI’s level of knowledge of the market and network of expert and career advisors that can help you hit the ground running once you’ve passed your test. If you’re willing and able to spend the extra money, the added benefits can really make it easier to get your career running as quickly as possible. That said, both Hondros and NYREI offer very interactive, multifaceted learning tools and lessons that result in high pass rates and effective learning, delivered in portable and flexible lessons that work with your busy schedule. If you’re looking to mix in some live, in-person classes, the scales definitely tip in favor of NYREI.