Real Estate Express vs. Train Agents


The main difference between Real Estate Express and Train Agents is the cost, and the associated bells and whistles that come with spending a bit more on your choice: Real Estate Express is almost double the cost of Train Agents. With a more comprehensive and technology-forward site, the packages from Real Estate Express offer many additional tools and ease-of-use advancements, like study calendars, extensive practice question database, and even hardcopy textbooks for the premium package. On the other hand, Train Agents offers a more simple and straight-forward approach to its courses; everything you need to start your course can be immediately accessed and downloaded in PDF formats. If you are more budget-conscious and self-driven, you may do just fine with this more bare-bones approach. However, it’s hard to miss the difference in the two school’s pass rates: Train Agents comes in at a solid 59% but Real Estate Express reports an impressive 79% pass rate for its students.


Real Estate Express offers course for Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington state.

Train Agents offers courses for Oregon, Texas, and Washington state.


Price is a main differentiator between Real Estate Express and Train Agents. If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option, Train Agents is a significantly cheaper financial investment. In fact, it offers a “low price guarantee” that it will beat any competitor’s price by 15% (they ask if you find the same product for cheaper on a competitor’s site, you email them the link).

That said, you may find the added features and support in Real Estate Express worth the extra cost; be sure to review the features of its packages to see what you receive for the extra money. Real Estate Express also offers significant in-site discounts at different times as well as for successfully referring a friend, so you may find some discounts in that way.

Prices may vary by state depending on hours included and state requirements, but here is an example to give you an idea. These prices are for pre-licensing courses for the state of Texas where 180 credit hours are required:

“Get Started” 180-hour Package: $363

“Exam Advantage” package with Exam Prep Master: $390

“Competitive Edge” Package with Exam Prep, 90-hour SAE Courses: $464

“Advanced Pro” Package with Exam Prep, SAE, 1-year Professional Dev.: $487

Exam Prep Master: $69

“Silver Fast Track” Package – 180-hour course: $159

“Gold Fast Track” Package including Exam Prep: $197

State Cram Exam Course: $29


Both Train Agents and Real Estate Express are licensed for the states they cover, meaning you can trust that they are familiar with and in line with the state’s requirements and rules. While both schools have solid pass rates, the pricier Real Estate Express reports a pass rate of almost 20% higher, suggesting that the quality and methods for its material is more effective than Train Agents, if you are able and willing to spend more on your enrollment. While Train Agents does offer a test prep database in its Gold package, you will have to look past some typos in its content as you learn and work through the materials.


Both options are very convenient for students needing a flexible and mobile approach to getting their real estate license. However, Real Estate Express is quite a bit more technologically advanced, offering digital features like a study calendar, bookmarks for your place in studying, and an “education concierge.” Train Agents, on the other hand, offers a more simple, PDF-based approach, but materials are immediately available and, as it promotes on its site, you can begin your studying in just 5 minutes. Both options allow students to study when and where they prefer, which is helpful to people who currently have other careers or are busy with home and children.


Both Train Agents and Real Estate Express deliver content that ensures students meet their state-required credit hours, so you can feel confident that you will be fulfilling that element of your pre-licensing. Both schools also offer additional exam prep tools on their more advanced packages; Train Agents offers a database of 700+ study questions with a scoring tool, while Real Estate Express offers an “Exam Prep Master” tool that includes 900+ questions, along with practice exams, coaching, and three different exam modes. Both schools offer a money-back guarantee on state exams (for Real Estate Express, this is only available on the courses that come with the Exam Prep, meaning not the basic package), so you can be confident that they believe their course material to be fully comprehensive in preparing students to take the state exam.

Level of Engagement

The difference in cost between the two schools relates mostly to the about of engagement and extra features you’ll be experiencing in the coursework. The more affordable Train Agents material is primarily online content that can be downloaded as a PDF, as well as an optional practice question database for extra study and preparation. Real Estate Express, however, offers a more expensive enrollment but justifies it with numerous extra features, like an advanced dashboard to help you track your progress, an online student forum, additional Real Estate e-books, and an optional Exam Prep Master tool that includes quizzes, coaching, and different test-taking modes.


The main decision between Train Agents and Real Estate Express is the price, although the added number of features – and the reported high pass rate – you receive with the additional cost may actually make it worth spending more. Train Agents is about half the cost of Real Estate Express, and prides itself on offering the lowest market price; its material is straightforward and immediately accessible and available to download, although you may have to overlook some typos. On the other hand, the more expensive Real Estate Express comes with a wide range of bells and whistles, including a technologically advanced progress dashboard, an online student forum, a rich exam prep tool, and more. If you are on a tighter budget and are committed to being self-driven and focusing on straightforward coursework, Train Agents may be a satisfactory option, as it offers a guarantee on passing your state exam and reports a solid rate among its students. However, if you have more to spend, your experience with the full-featured Real Estate Express coursework will most likely be more enjoyable and may leave you feeling even more prepared to hit the ground running after taking your licensing exam.