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360training is a global leader in a variety of online professional training courses, with a network that has reached more than 3 million students worldwide. The company was started in 1997 in Austin, Texas, as an online traffic course provider. Today 360training offers fully online pre-license real estate classes for students in eleven states (Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington). Besides real estate pre-license courses, 360training also provides courses on real estate license exam preparation, real estate post-license and continuing education requirements, appraisals, and mortgage education. And real estate is just one of many industries served by 360training, which offers more than 6,000 courses for learners and employees in insurance, environmental health and safety, food safety, and other sectors.

The school’s comparatively low tuition, group-pricing discount structure, and occasional discount promotions make it a popular choice for students who are looking to save money on their pre-license tuition, and some employers buy courses in bulk to save money training new employees and helping them get certified for their new roles. Depending on the state, 360training also offers extra features in its real estate pre-license packages like a Real Estate Math class, optional state licensing exam prep class, and practice tests to help students get ready for their state exam.

From 7/1/2016 through 6/30/2018, 360training’s overall pass rate for its real estate course students was 58.44%, and its sales agent pass rate was 58.05%.


Prices start at $99 for the New York 75 Hour Real Estate Prelicense Basic Package.

Tuition for 360training’s pre-license course varies by state, because each state has its own required curriculum and the number of required hours differs from one state to the next. For example, Texas requires 180 hours of pre-license classes, while Alabama requires 60, and most other states are somewhere in between. For pre-license students in some states, 360training offers a tuition discount when three or more students buy their packages at the same time. This can be a money-saving option for students who are enrolling at the same time and for employers who want to provide training for prospective new agents.

Additional package add-ons like state exam prep and practice tests are available for extra fees that vary by state and class type. For example, 360training’s Texas Exam Prep class is $79.

Course Features

  • Exam prep: Mock exams provided by 360training consist of questions that cover both national and state issues. They are broken down in sections and feature explanations of correct answers, so you will have an easier time committing them to memory.
  • Licensed instructors and professional study guides: All 360training courses give you access to experienced instructors and study guides that were written by experts in the field of real estate. With that kind of support, it is significantly easier for you to learn with understanding.
  • Math course: Some math formulas are specific to real estate, in particular, financing, prorations and survey systems. All 360training courses teach you how to use those formulas so you don’t have to struggle with them later on.
  • Client communications class: More advanced courses offered by 360training include classes that are devoted exclusively to communication with your clients. These can help you meet your clients’ expectations, save everyone time by communicating clearly, and avoid potential misunderstandings with your clients and prospects.
  • 24/7 phone and chat support: Whenever you have questions about the study material, exam questions or the course itself, you can get answers to them both by calling 360training customer support line or by joining their online chat, whichever is more convenient to you.

Course Quality

The company makes a point of giving students the information they need in a “plain-English, no-nonsense manner” so they can focus on understanding and absorbing the information before their real estate license exam. However, technical issues and slow-to-respond customer support are mentioned in some reviews by students who felt frustrated by the process of accessing their courses and getting help so they could complete their training.


360training lets students choose among packages that include all the required pre-license coursework plus optional extras, or individual courses that are required by the state. This second option is best for students who have already completed some of their required coursework but need to finish up, as well as for students who need to pay as they go by enrolling in one course at a time. The package options seem best for students who have no previous real estate education and want to complete the entire program as quickly as possible, and also for students who want to save money by buying a course package instead of individual classes.

Some past students have said they liked 360training because it offers a fully online, state-approved program for pre-license education. Others have described 360training’s pre-license courses as well-written, flexible for busy schedules, and effective in helping students master the foundations of real estate specific to their state. For students who are able to download the PDF course materials to read and review, and those who don’t run into technical issues, the company’s programs offer a convenient way to work toward taking the real estate license exam.

On the other hand, some students reported problems with user-friendliness, like with being kicked out of the system and then locked out of their coursework with minimal or slow responses from customer support to resolve the problems. Some students have said they were unable to access their classes at all because of technical issues, and some past students have reported not receiving their certificate of completion of the course, which is required in order to take the state real estate license exam.


Because pre-license curriculum is set by each state’s real estate licensing authority, schools all have to cover the same basic information. What sets schools apart is often the way the class material is delivered, how well the material is tailored to each state’s particular laws, and how easy it is for students to use the course and get help when they need it. The reviews are mixed on how well 360training’s classes are customized for each state.This is something students should consider carefully before enrolling, as laws and industry practices vary by state, and that state-specific knowledge can be the key to passing the exam and getting a new career in real estate off to a strong start.

360training also offers real estate post-license and continuing education classes. States may require one or both types of classes for new agents to maintain their licenses.


360training’s pre-license courses seem like a good match for people who learn well by reading and studying independently, rather than through class discussions or videos. The classes are mostly text-based, with information delivered as slideshows, PDFs, and quizzes. Students can download the class materials and print them if they like for offline study and note-taking. They can also download and print their completion certificate as soon as they finish their course so they can submit it to apply to take their state license exam.


  • Good basic training material, with a just-the-facts style that stays focused on relevant topics so students can quickly pick up the concepts they need for their exam and their new career. The curriculum seems suited to students who learn best through reading and independent study. 360training may also be a good choice for students who prefer paper to screens because the lesson PDFs can be downloaded and printed for offline study. This also allows students to make notes in the margins and highlight key sections for review.


  • Confusing course selection setup. Depending on the state, students may be able to simply choose a package and enroll, or they may be offered an extensive menu of packages, add-on options, and individual courses that they can mix and match. This may confuse some students who are unsure of which items to choose, and could result in the accidental purchase of the wrong course or courses.
  • Customer service issues including difficulty accessing the coursework online and getting a timely response from tech support. Some students report not only difficulty with accessing their classes but also with getting a refund for the classes they couldn’t access online.
  • The desktop version of 360training’s site is cluttered with multiple checkout boxes, scrolling text, and pop-up messages that may frustrate or confuse some users by distracting them or covering up the information they need to select a course and register. The mobile version of the site contains fewer distracting elements.

Student Reviews

“It was very convenient for me due to the fact that I have a fluctuating schedule. I could read and study at my own pace. Thank you 360….” – TrustPilot

“List of available courses is outstanding. 
Website has several errors and glitches. When contacting support line, wait times were very lengthy. Instead of having one lump sum order for my company, three separate orders were made, causing me to lose my discount for multiple subscriptions. 
Support reps constantly talked over me, which is very rude and unprofessional. I was over charged for my orders. Just one big mess. Customer support was very slow when addressing the errors.” – TrustPilot

I love the business strategy behind 360training.com. They have a great learning system and reasonable prices, too.” – Capterra

Review Summary

Overall, many students like the material that is provided by 360training and have found the site to provide a positive overall experience, especially for people who prefer to learn by reading, like to print out course materials, and don’t need to access everything on their mobile phones. Because the curriculum is PDF-based, it’s best suited for students who have access to a laptop or desktop computer and a printer.

In contrast to those overall happy students, there are many that have been frustrated with their experience. Some have found the the initial course selection confusing, and others feel the overall site interaction is not user-friendly. A consistent frustration that students have had is 360training’s customer support. Whether they need a refund or just help navigating the course work, multiple reviewers have indicated that responsiveness has not been a strong point for 360training.


360training seems like a workable choice for students who are pursuing their real estate training on a budget, are strong independent learners who absorb information best through reading, and who have the time and flexibility to be patient with potentially long response times if they contact customer support. The courses are competitive on price in many states, which may be a deciding factor for students who don’t have a lot of cash on hand to pay for their training.

On the other hand, the reviews that describe difficulties logging in to the courses, getting in touch with customer service, and resolving issues are worth thinking over. Based on that information, students who can afford to spend more for more convenience, those who have limited time each day for study, and students who have a firm deadline coming up for finishing their course may want to compare 360training’s offerings to other pre-license course options before making a decision. For these students, it may make more sense to spend more on another course to avoid potential issues, or to choose a course with a higher average pass rate.

People who are mainly visual/auditory learners and prefer videos to reading, as well as students who plan to do most of their studying on the smartphones, may want to consider other options in addition to 360training because the school’s curriculum is largely delivered as printable PDFs. Students who prefer to learn by reading and those who want to be able to print and highlight their course materials may prefer 360training’s format.

States in which this program is valid: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington

Headquarters: 6801 N. Capital of Texas Hwy., Suite 150, Building 2, Austin, TX 78731. 360training also maintains campuses in Karachi, Pakistan and Manila, Philippines.