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Students who are always on the go appreciate AceableAgent’s multi-platform online course that they can access on their computers, tablets, and smartphones—or all three, because AceableAgent keeps students’ progress synced across all the devices they use for learning. In fact, AceableAgent’s course is the “only mobile-first course” certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission, which means it was designed first and foremost to be easy for students to use on an iPhone or Android smartphone. AceableAgent offers course bundles, individual classes. Customer service is available seven days a week to help students figure out what classes they need, understand the licensing process, and plan a schedule to complete their required coursework before they take the state exam. Past students describe the company’s courses as easy to navigate, informative, and engaging.
AceableAgent real estate pre-license courses are only available for Texas. The Austin-based company also provides continuing education courses for licensed Texas real estate agents and brokers, as well as drivers ed and traffic school online courses for several states. The company’s online reviews from students are overwhelmingly positive, with most rating the company as excellent or great. AceableAgent’s pass rate for the sales agent exam was 95.45% between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018. 


AceableAgent’s Get Started pre-license bundle is priced at $497. The bundle includes the state-required 180 hours of classes plus  pre-license course fee includes free exam proctoring, instructor support, and unlimited preparation for the TREC exam. AceableAgent offers a pay-as-you-go option to help students who are on a tight budget to get the instruction they need for their new careers.

Other bundles that include extra services like social-media training, video-marketing training, and broker matching are available at an additional cost. Students can also purchase the courses in the pre-license bundle individually, which is a useful option for people who have already taken some of their pre-license classes with another school. AceableAgent also offers a separate Ultimate Texas Real Estate Exam Prep class for $39 for students who are taking individual courses and want to drill the topics that will be on the state license exam.

Aceable’s Ace the Test Guarantee promises that pre-license course graduates who don’t pass the Texas real estate exam after three tries will get their money back.

Course Features

  • Exam prep: All Aceable bundles give you access to practice questions in the form of quizzes. These cover concepts from both national and state exam topics, so they prepare you for your real estate licensing exam in the most exhaustive way possible. The exam prep program also provides feedback on questions you miss so you can learn those concepts more easily.
  • Instructor support: With Aceable, you get unlimited support from your instructors regardless of the bundle you end up choosing. Your instructors will be experienced professionals available to you seven days a week via email.
  • Social media and marketing courses: With more advanced bundles, you get access to two very useful courses on using social media and marketing tools. These are both tailored to the needs of those who will be working in real estate, so you can hit the ground running with your networking and marketing programs as soon as you have your license.
  • Broker matching: If you decide to invest in a more advanced bundle, Aceable also provides you with the service of matching you with a broker. Finding a supervising broker is a must for new agents in Texas — it’s the only way you’ll be allowed to activate your license and work after you pass the exam.
  • 90 Days to Success: Want to make sure you kickstart your career in the easiest and quickest way possible? More advanced Aceable bundles come with this feature that allows you to make use of their knowledge and tools to succeed in the world of real estate.
  • Synchronization across multiple devices: If you would like to be able to work on completing your course wherever you are, even when you are on the go, you will be glad to hear Aceable’s website works on all types of devices. To make it even better, switching from your computer to your smartphone is as seamless as possible.
Course Quality

AceableAgent’s student reviews have mostly great things to say about the quality of the material, ease of use, and preparation for the state exam. They also take an overall positive view of AceableAgent’s customer service, technical support, and instructor accessibility. And they like the learner-friendly presentation of what could be dry real estate topics. The school’s courses are recommended by the Texas Association of REALTORS.


Because AceableAgent designs all its courses to be easy to use on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, students can work whenever and wherever they have the time. Students’ progress through the course syncs across devices, so a student who starts a lesson on his desktop can finish it later on his phone without having to go back and repeat the earlier section. Students can also track their progress toward finishing their course, and when they’re done, they can take the final course exam online and save a trip to a testing center.

The state licensing exam prep guide that comes with each pre-license course lets students get ready for Texas and national exams with practice questions, practice quizzes with feedback, and the freedom to retake the practice quizzes to make sure they’re got the information down before exam day.

AceableAgent offers students the choice of an all-in-one pre-license course or separate a la carte pre-license classes that can be purchased one at a time. The first option is the most convenient, especially for brand-new real estate students; the second is ideal for people who have already completed some of their real estate education and are either switching schools or re-starting after a delay.


AceableAgent’s course covers all the topics required by the Texas Real Estate Commission, including principles of real estate, contracts, law relating to real estate, and real estate finance. They also keep their course material up to date to reflect any changes in curriculum required by TREC. All of the pre-license course bundles include instructor support to answer any questions students have about the course material and unlimited exam preparation resources so students are ready to pass the state licensing exam on their first try.

Some students who reviewed the course made a point of mentioning that they felt well-prepared for the state exam. The school’s exam-prep guide covers Texas and national topics and gives students tips and feedback on their practice quiz results so they can master the concepts faster and more fully. AceableAgent guarantees that students can pass the Texas exam “in three tries or your money back.


AceableAgent has designed its courses to be interesting, with “bite-size” lessons, videos, practice questions, and quizzes to help students evaluate their understanding of the material. This approach offers visual learners an alternative to print- and PDF courses so they can pick up the information in a way that works well for them. Mixed-media lessons are also easier for smartphone users than reading large blocks of text on their phones.

There are smaller touches to keep students engaged, too. One reviewer said she liked the fact that the lessons used her name, while others said they enjoyed the occasional jokes and puns in the material.


  • Caring people. AceableAgent offers US-based customer support by phone, email, and text every day and has real estate instructors available to answer student questions every day via email.
  • Good mobile app. AceableAgent’s courses are the only ones available in Texas that were specifically designed and written for use on smartphones. This is a big plus for working students who need to fit their real estate studies into their already crowded schedules.
  • Interactive/engaging and good course content. Because the course is designed for smartphone use, it avoids the all-text PDF delivery method that some other online courses rely on. Text is combined with videos for a mobile-friendly learning experience that also helps visual learners.
  • User-friendly. AceableAgent’s main site is laid out well and is easy to navigate. Course selection and checkout are easy to find.  


  • Limited availability in multiple states
  • No printable course materials for studying
  • If you’re the type of student who loves to highlight paper notes, this can be a stumbling block.

Student Reviews 

“Aceable Agent is by far the best real estate class that I have ever found!! The courses are engaging and not as boring as the others I have seen. They include your name in the text and even make jokes. I would recommend them to everyone!!” – Facebook

“I’m really conflicted with reviewing this program. I really enjoy the animations and videos and the material is very easy to understand. On the other hand, I have no idea what to expect from the final Real Estate exam so I’m just taking the course not knowing if I should be taking detailed notes for this exam. I have an MBA, so a lot of the material feels very familiar, but I’m not too familiar with Texas laws. It’s taking me a lot longer to complete the course that I expected–that would be my biggest takeaway. Would an in-person course been a better choice?” – TrustPilot

Review Summary

AceableAgent may be one of the newer players in online real estate courses, but that hasn’t seemed to affect how much the students love their offerings. Students are very pleased with the interactive and engaging material that AceableAgent provides in their pre-license and exam prep courses. Many students have said AceableAgent has been able to make taking an online real estate course fun, which is no small feat, considering how much of the material centers on contracts, law, and real estate math.

The company has mastered its site design, with a user-friendly main site, as well as a mobile app that gives students the true ability to do their coursework anywhere. This is important because the mobile-friendly design spares students from having to try to read PDF course materials on their smartphones.

So far AceableAgent has also seemed to make customer service a priority, which is a pain point for many other online real estate schools, based on student reviews. AceableAgen’s responsiveness and helpful team has many students feeling less overwhelmed during the process of taking their real estate pre-license course, preparing for the state license exam, and finding an employing broker so they can start working in their new career.


AceableAgent’s good reputation for customer service and the positive reviews on its course material place the company near the top of the list for pre-license real estate training in Texas. The classes seem like the best option for students who rely heavily on their smartphones to get their work done in whatever spare moments they have, as well as those who are strong visual learners. And because the program was designed with mobile users in mind, it’s also  likely the most intuitive choice for younger students who are used to reading, watching videos, and taking quizzes on their phones, often while they’re multitasking to keep up with their busy schedules.

AceableAgent’s program is priced higher than some of its competitors, but the cost of the pre-license program tuition seems in line with the value the course provides, especially given the convenience of a mobile-friendly course structure and the high quality of its customer service.

States in which this program is valid: Texas

Headquarters: 610 W. 5th St., Austin, TX 78701