Champions School of Real Estate Reviews


Champions School of Real Estate has been among the top real estate education providers in Texas since 1983. The school has campuses in eight locations around Texas, and their delivery methods include also online and correspondence formats. These options make it possible for students to complete their courses from home on their own schedule or in a classroom on a structured timetable. What makes Champions stand apart from the crowd are straightforward materials and extremely helpful instructors. Regardless of what delivery method you choose, you get to pick between individual courses and different packages. To make studying more convenient, you can even have your textbooks shipped directly to your home address.

Founder and CEO Rita Santamaria used her experience as a real estate agent in Plano plus her background in education to open the first Champions campus in Houston in the early 80s. Today, Champions School of Real Estate has campuses in Austin/Round Rock, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, New Braunfels, and three campuses in the greater Houston area. Champions’ overall pass rate is 59.17%, and the rate is around 2% higher for sales agents.


There are several different real estate course packages available with Champions. The basic package includes a set of six different courses, lasting 180 hours in total, along with an exam prep program and all the study materials. The price is $980 for all this, but you can get even more with the other packages. They all have additional features, such as post-license courses, business etiquette courses and prep flashcards. Of course, they all come with additional costs.

For those who aren’t in search of packages, Champions offers individual Texas pre-license classes, too. Each of the six modules required by the state are available at $165 each: Principles of Real Estate parts 1 and 2, Law of Agency, Law of Contracts, Promulgated Contract Forms, and Real Estate Finance.

Course Features

  • Various delivery methods: Champions courses can be completed from your home, in the classroom, or a combination of both, depending on which options are available for your classes.
  • Classroom delivery method is ideal for those who want to learn the old-fashioned way – by sitting in a classroom and listening to an expert’s lecture. If you choose this method, you will take the exam on the last day of the course.
  • Blended classroom delivery method is the right choice for those who enjoy listening to lectures but also prefer studying at their own pace. By choosing this method, you will spend some time learning in class from in instructor and the remainder of your time studying at home online or with a textbook.
  • ChampionsLive! Broadcast classes let you participate in classes in real time without leaving your home or office. To take these classes, you must have a webcam and microphone for your computer. Exams are available after you’ve virtually attended all the required class sessions.
  • Online-correspondence delivery method allows you to do both studying and taking exams online. You can get the study materials in either textbook or PDF format, and textbooks can be shipped to you for a small fee.
  • Exam prep: All Champions’ packages include Texas real estate sales agent license exam preparation. You will have access to mock exams that will help you get a better feeling of how prepared you are for the actual exam as well as the format you can expect on exam day.
  • Business etiquette course: This 2-day course comes is available in an upgraded version of the basic 6-course program, as well as with the 11-course package. It covers everything from dining etiquette to networking to ensure that new agents appear polished and professional when interacting with clients, prospects, and colleagues.
  • Post-license courses: Champions’ 9- and 11-course programs include two separate courses for post-license education. Their purpose is to help you renew your license once you have actually earned it.
  • 30 Days to Success: Only the 11-course program comes with this feature. It is a 30-day coaching program that helps you kickstart your career and includes all the resources you might need to maintain your license.
  • Free retakes: All the programs come with a full year of free retakes on all failed exams.
  • Low-cost class retake audits: After you complete your course, you’re eligible to audit classes for $25 a day if you want additional preparation before you take the state exam.

Course Quality:

Champions School of Real Estate is known for the flexibility and variety of its instruction methods, including live online classes, self-paced online study, classroom instruction, and the option to combine those methods to suit busy student schedules. But one of the best things about Champions courses is the material itself. Students have described it as straightforward and quite easy to follow. The website is user-friendly and offers all the necessary information on the courses themselves. In terms of the number of content delivery options, Champions is virtually unmatched in the state of Texas.


Thanks to a total of six different delivery methods, Champions courses can be completed either on campus or from home, and some options allow students to combine classroom and remote instruction.

  • Classroom-based courses, for those looking for traditional education, take place at seven Champions campuses around Texas.
  • Those who prefer working at their own pace can enroll in Champions’ online-correspondence courses, which combine self-paced online or textbook study with homework, quizzes, and proctored exams.
  • ChampionsLive!Broadcast courses are interactive class sessions that students can take part in via webcam.
  • The online course option includes timed online lessons, interactive multimedia content, and exams administered online.
  • Correspondence classes include textbook readings, written homework assignments, and on-campus exams.
  • Blended classroom instruction combines in-class lectures with correspondence reading and assignments.

Not all classes are available in every format. Students who order textbooks can pick them up from from any campus or have them delivered. Because Champions offers a variety of pre-license coursework packages, students can choose the level of instruction and follow-up coursework they want to sign up for at one time, which can save time during a busy career transition.


All Champions packages include 180-hour courses that cover all the topics required by the state of Texas. Students who have completed pre-license coursework with Champions said they were satisfied with the covered material and claim that the exam prep was thorough enough to prepare them well for the state license exam. Champions’ 9-course package adds a total of 98 hours’ worth of coursework for students after they earn their license, including Texas Real Estate Commission legal updates and sales agent license renewal courses. The school’s 11-course package adds a two-day Success Through Business Etiquette workshop plus a 30 Days to Success in Real Estate coaching series to help students start their careers off right.

In addition to those package options, students can purchase individual pre-license classes from Champions. This is a helpful choice for students who’ve already taken some of their pre-license courses with another school, as well as students who are pacing their education to fit their budget. Champions also offers career counseling, state-mandated courses, and state exam prep classes to help Texas real estate agents earn their broker’s license.


Champions offers something for just about every learning style. Students who thrive on classroom discussion have the option to attend at one of Champions’ campuses around the state, while students who learn best on their own time can do Champions’ online coursework at their convenience. Visual learners can watch the classroom lectures, ask questions, and join in class discussion during live broadcasts. And students don’t have to commit to one learning approach. Champions school offers the blended classroom delivery method, which for some makes the courses more fun and useful because they can alternate going to classes with working online depending on their schedules and how confident they feel about particular class topics.

Although lectures can be either attended or watched from the comfort of your home, the courses themselves haven’t proven to be especially engaging. The 9-course program includes helpful flashcards, but that is about it when it comes to interactive study tools. The bottom line is that real estate topics like contracts and legal issues are not necessarily exciting on their own, but Champions goes above and beyond in providing options to suit different learning styles and schedules.


  • Plenty of choices when it comes to delivery methods, including campus-based classroom instruction in several Texas cities, live class broadcasts online, self-paced online, printed textbooks for traditional reading, note-taking and highlighting
  • Wide range of supplemental content in some of the packages, such as professional etiquette, career coaching, and post-license continuing education
  • Can be completed both in school and from home to suit different schedules, learning styles, and student locations
  • Exams can be retaken free of charge for the duration of a full year
  • Textbooks can be either picked up or shipped to the student’s home or office
  • Students can audit completed classes for a comparatively low cost to review for the state exam


  • Pre-license courses only valid for Texas; the school’s website indicates that it will soon offer online pre-license courses for other states, starting with Florida and Oklahoma.
  • Higher prices than some other schools
  • Reported issues with customer service accessibility and response times

Student Reviews 

I have had the best experience with Champions School of Real Estate! I took all of my courses online and went in for the Exam Prep class last week. I passed my exam today! The instructor, Rose Forey, was amazing and gave very helpful information that was easy to remember during the exam. I would highly recommend taking the Exam Prep course before taking the exam. I’m confident that it’s the reason I passed on the first try.” – Facebook

I can only speak to the online version of the class. The content is fantastic, it really is. That Said, do not plan on being able to complete the EXAMS. I have been locked out now going on a week and between the staff being on a retreat and not being able to reset it, I am stuck trying to go to another company to get the exam completed.The replies I get form what appears to be one single support person are a little snarky and uncooperative.There are too many options around Austin to have to deal with inferior technology and sub par support. Try Austin Institute. The content isn’t as good but the test can be completed and sent to TREC for credit. Also, despite their policy, your bank will likely allow a charge back since this sort of thing is viewed as services not delivered.” – Yelp


Champions School of Real Estate has been around a while, and many students have great things to say about it. Students have said they liked the Texas real estate license exam prep that Champions offers and felt that it prepared them well for the state sales agent exam. The quality of the curriculum does come at a higher price. though. Champions is a little pricier than some of the other pre-licensing real estate courses serving the Texas market. The students that chose to pay a little more were happy with the instructors and the course material, stating that it is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. The things that they were not as pleased about were the poor customer service response and some of the additional fees that did not seem to be as straightforward, like the cost of the course textbook.

Based on this information gathered from student reviews, Champions could be a good choice for students who are willing and able to pay a bit more for high-quality instruction and course materials, who want the option to attend classes or learn online, and who want to go into their state license exam feeling well-prepared to pass.


If you have room in your budget for higher-than-average tuition and have the time to wait on customer service that may not be as responsive as you’d like, Champions School of Real Estate is an option worth considering. Pre-license courses at Champions real estate school get their students thoroughly prepared for their exams. The classes are straightforward, there are plenty of options for accessing the course materials, and the instructors are ready to help students master the material and earn their license.

Students can take classes at one of Champions’ campuses around Texas or take their classes online to better fit into busy schedules. However, Champions has some disadvantages as well. Their pre-license classes are at the moment only valid for the state of Texas and are pricier than many other schools. They also don’t boast very helpful customer service, according to student reviews. Nevertheless, for Texas-based students who aren’t on a tight budget, Champions school is a quality choice.

States for which the program is valid: Texas

Note: Champions School of Real Estate is in the process of expanding its offer into other states via the online correspondence course.

Headquarters: 1001 West Loop South, Suite 205, Houston, Texas 77027