Florida Real Estate School Reviews


People who are looking for flexible, multi-platform real estate pre-license classes will find Florida Real Estate School’s online courses extremely convenient, because they can be easily accessed on computers and mobile devices. Florida Real Estate School was among the first education providers to begin offering online courses as soon as the state passed the law allowing for real estate distance-learning in 2004. All the school’s programs are approved and accredited by the Florida Real Estate Commission to meet FREC’s pre-license and continuing education instructional hour and curriculum requirements.

The Miami-based company’s 63-hour real estate pre-license courses are only available for Florida. Besides the budget-friendly pre-licensing programs and exam prep sessions, the school also offers post-license courses and continuing education courses for sale associates and brokers with a Florida license. Plus, Florida Real Estate School hosts law review cram courses for those from Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, and Nebraska who aren’t Florida residents and need to learn the state’s real estate laws for the Mutual Recognition exam to obtain a Florida real estate license. The school’s online reviews from past students are mainly positive, with most rating it with 5/5 stars.


Florida Real Estate School’s pre-licensing basic package starts at $249.95. This includes the state-required 63 hours of fully narrated classes, quizzes after every chapter, instructor support via email and phone seven days a week, two attempts to pass the end of course exam, a practice end of course exam, a downloadable course completion certificate, and one full year from the date of enrollment to complete the course. Other pre-license packages include additional features such as printable outlines, a cram exam prep course for the state license exam, math e-books, and even unlimited attempts to pass the end of course exam. Prices for these extended packages range from $299.95 to $399.95.

The school’s post-license course package includes all the coursework new agents must complete before they renew their Florida sales agent license for the first time. This 45-hour course is priced at $288. Continuing education classes, required for subsequent Florida license renewals, start at $39.90.

Course Features

  • Narrated study materials: Florida Real Estate School offers both written and audio study materials. The entire course, in fact, is narrated so you can choose between reading, listening and watching the animated videos that feature the narration. The audio option is especially useful to those who would like to save time by doing the course while commuting or exercising.
  • Progress tracking: After you read, liste to, or watch a chapter of your course, you unlock a quiz. Its purpose is to help you determine how much you have learned and thus give you a better sense of your own progress. This structure helps you make sure you understand each class topic before moving on to the next chapter and helps you get prepared for the end-of-course exam.
  • Unlimited instructor support: The instructors at Florida Real Estate School are there to answer any question you might have about the study materials or the course itself. To make it easier for students, they are available 24/7 by email or phone, which means there are no long waiting times to hold up your progress through the course.
  • Exam prep course: Florida Real Estate School prepares you for your state sales agent exam by giving you access to thousands of questions, all of which come with detailed answers. These are divided into seven individual mock exams that closely follow the content and format of the actual Florida real estate exam. This type of exam prep is crucial to student success because the topics on the state license exam may not always completely line up with the pre-license course topics required by the state. And, of course, it’s better to be prepared to answer the exam questions quickly so you don’t run out of time on the real test.
  • Unlimited test attempts: Some packages offered by Florida Real Estate School come with an unlimited access to the school’s final exam. In other words, you can take it until you pass it, regardless of how many attempts are needed to make that happen.

Course Quality

Florida Real Estate School’s courses offer comprehensive materials that are reading-friendly, pleasantly narrated, illustrated with animations, and feature multiple quizzes and real-life examples. They can be used on several platforms (desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets) so it’s easy for students to fit studying for their license exam into their schedule whenever and from wherever they have some time.


Florida Real Estate School’s courses are optimized for computers and mobile devices, so it’s effortless for students to make the class work for their schedule. Whether they prefer to access the materials during their lunch break, on their drive to work, on the treadmill at the gym, from the comfort of their home, it’s easy to fit in study time. And with a full year to finish the 63 hours of instruction, students have time to complete their course even if a few unexpected things come up in their schedule.

The quizzes at the end of each class as well as the prep test are valuable tools students can use to measure their knowledge and see how ready they are for the end-of-course exam and the state sales license exam. Florida Real Estate School’s students have the freedom to use the quizzes and test prep tools to re-take and study the questions until they master them. Readily available support and feedback from the school’s instructors gives students peace of mind that they’ve correctly understood the concepts before they take their course final and sit for the state exam.

After students earn their license, Florida Real Estate School offers the post-license and continuing education classes they’ll need to keep their license active. And when they’re ready to take the next step in their career, Florida Real Estate School’s broker pre-license course can help them prepare for the Florida broker’s exam.


Florida Real Estate School’s material covers all the 63-hours of pre-licensing education covering all the legal and contract topics required by law in Florida. The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect any changes in the Florida Real Estate Commission’s requirements. The packages come with everyday instructor support via phone and email. By the end of the classes, the students will have met the complete educational prerequisite and will be eligible to register for the state licensing exam.

How thorough is the course? One reviewer said that they couldn’t recall one single test question that wasn’t covered in the school’s study material and that the practice quizzes were smartly structured. And most reviewers said that after completing Florida Real Estate School’s course, they were able to pass the Florida sales associate license exam on the first try. Other reviewers who had attempted to take the state exam in the past and didn’t manage to pass it said that they were finally able to get licensed thanks to this course’s comprehensive approach to state exam prep.

For students who want even more thorough preparation for the state license exam, Florida Real Estate School offers a standalone Cram Exam prep course, good for up to 60 days. It’s designed for students who have already passed the pre-license course and include seven practice exams, more than a thousand practice questions, a set of digital flashcards for drilling real estate terms, and the same level of instructor support as the school’s pre-license classes.

Students who want to start building their real estate library while they’re in school can shop Florida Real Estate School’s online bookstore for hardbound textbooks, an audio review of the pre-license course, and a printed workbook-and-flashcard set to help prepare for the state exam.


Florida Real Estate School’s course text is completely narrated in a series of animated videos so it’s easy for students to listen to the entire course just like they’re in a classroom lecture, or watch the accompanying video for reinforcement of the concepts the narrator is talking about. At the end of each chapter, students take a practice quiz that helps them evaluate what they’ve learned so far and identify the areas they need to go through again to make sure they’ve grasped the concept before going on to the next lesson. In addition, the practice end-of-course exam is very useful for recapping all the concepts covered in the course. For those who prefer reading to listening, they can switch to simply read the material, which has a nice and tidy structure.

The courses include lots of examples and stories that are specific to Florida’s laws and real estate markets, which makes the learning experience interesting and entertaining. It also helps individuals relate the basic principles covered in the course to real-life situations they may deal with on the job, which makes the information easier to remember and digest. The narration is entertaining and easy to follow, listen, and remember, compared to a simple written text.


  • Students can access the material via their computer and mobile devices as long as they have a stable internet connection so they can learn when and where it’s convenient for them.
  • Florida Real Estate School offers instructor support via e-mail and phone 7 days per week, so that students can have their question answered and receive feedback whenever they need it.
  • There are three ways students can use the course materials: listening to the narrated information, watching the accompanying animated videos, or reading it, which makes the curriculum accessible and interesting for people with different types of learning styles.
  • Florida Real Estate School’s platform is simple to navigate; students can effortlessly select the course they want to take, read all the details about it, and check out right away.  


  • The school’s website and videos are easy to use, but the visual design and look of the site may be distracting to some students.

Review Summary

Students who have left reviews about their experiences with the courses offered by Florida Real Estate School said they loved the narrated version of the curriculum. Most reviewers said they found all the real-life examples offered in the classes to be extremely helpful, especially because they are linked to theoretical concepts that students have to master for the exam. Student reviewers have also said they appreciate the organized layout of the course, which makes studying and exam review easy. And the state license exam prep is, in students’ opinions, ‘invaluable’.


With more than a dozen years of experience in providing online real estate education to students in the Sunshine State, Florida Real Estate School has earned a reputation as a reliable education provider with a strong track record of getting students fully prepared to pass their license exam. The school’s pre-license course packages are appealing choices for students with a variety of learning styles, those who need a flexible class schedule, and people who find it easy to study without being in a physical classroom.

The prices for Florida Real Estate School’s programs are slightly higher than other online courses. However, the value surpasses the costs, especially because there are numerous perks included in every bundle. Overall, the classes are recommended for students who are self-motivated learners and those who want a trustworthy, comprehensive program that will easily into their schedule.

States in which this program is valid: Florida

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