Hondros College Reviews


Ohio-based Hondros College is a private college that specializes in professional training and continuing education courses for real estate, appraisal, mortgage, insurance, home inspection, and other careers. The school offers online and live pre-license courses, exam prep classes, and continuing education in selected states. Students can attend in-classroom sessions, online, or mix and match courses to meet their scheduling and learning style preferences. Hondros College has been in operation for over 50 years and has educated a reported 1 milion students. More than 90% of the licensed real estate agents in the state of Ohio got their education from Hondros.


Pricing will vary state to state, and packages may as well. Here is a look at some package offerings:

Online Florida Real Estate sales Associate Pre-licensing Course: $219
Online Sales Associate Pre-Licensing Course, CompuCram Exam Prep and Fingerprinting Package: $275

Example fees involved with getting a Ohio real estate license include:
Education – $1699 (Set for Success Package – other packages are available)
Application – $60
State Exam – varies by state
Pricing for Hondros Real Estate course depends on your state and the number of hours included in the course. Since the school is based out of Ohio, its most extensive offerings are based on Ohio requirements. It does offer distance education online courses for other states, but some are much more basic. For example, for Texas, it only offers and Exam Prep course. It’s important when navigating the site and reviewing available packages that you ensure you are indeed looking at the packages specific to your state. Hondros also at times offers a free 7-day trial of its online pre-licensing courses.

Hondros offers a proprietary CompuCram package for around $80. It includes up-to-date questions written by local real estate industry experts and integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing, and comprehensive simulated exams into an “all-in-one” solution. The “Readiness Indicator” lets you know when you are ready by tracking your progress and its pre-assessment highlights categories you need to focus on. Once you purchase it online, you receive instant access by logging in, and you can view it on tablets and mobile devices as well.

For states like Ohio, Hondros offers hefty, all-inclusive packages that include everything you need to become a real estate agent, like courses in real estate principles, law, finance, and appraisals, textbooks and course materials, exam crammers and prep tools, post-licensing hours, and payment for your first three years of alumni fees and continuing education. This package runs around $1700.

Smaller packages are available at lower costs, and you can also buy individual courses as needed, with costs ranging from around $200 for a 20-hour course to $400 for a 40-hour course. Any additional costs for textbooks are clearly delineated on the website for each course. It’s important to check to see which exams require a proctor, as that may entail additional cost.

Course Features

  • Mix and Match Scheduling: Offering both in-class and online formats for Ohio and Michigan students, Hondros makes sure you are able to fit their courses into your busy schedule. They even have a mix and match option for students in Ohio who believe they would benefit from working both at home and in the classroom. Students can set up and change their schedule online through the Hondros system.
  • CompuCram: The exam prep at Hondros combines practice testing, vocabulary learning tools and simulated exams to create the perfect solution for getting ready for an actual real estate exam. Mock exams themselves are followed by question reviews led by experienced instructors.
  • Free trial: Hondros is making it easier for you to pick the ideal real estate course by offering a 7-day free trial. Before you make any final decisions, take some time to check out course features and even get started with the materials to see if the Hondros learning process is right for you.
  • Open House Events: To help its students find the best solution for themselves, Hondros hosts open house events, where you can come meet the instructors and find out everything you want about the courses themselves.
  • Career Night Events: If you think you need help steering your real estate career in the right direction, you might benefit from attending one of Hondros’ career nights at their campus locations. There you can learn all the latest information about your local market and even meet representatives from brokerages that are currently hiring–an important perk because most states require newly licensed agents to have a sponsoring broker in order to work.
  • Scholarships are available to qualified Ohio-based students from Hondros and from the Columbus REALTORS Foundation.
  • US military veterans can qualify for a tuition discount on Hondros real estate pre-licensing courses through the school’s Military Appreciation Program.
  • Within the year after they enroll, students can audit one class within their pre-license package at no cost, as long as space is available in the classroom. Students can audit completed Crammer classes as many as three times to get ready for their exams.

Course Quality

As a private university, Hondros seems to offer what you would expect: more organized and high-quality courses than the average real estate school, but at a higher cost. While most reviewers gave feedback about taking classes at Hondros’ campuses in Ohio and Michigan, those students who’ve shared feedback on Hondros’ online courses had positive things to say, especially about the multimedia learning tools included in the courses, which they said helped them retain and fully understand the subject matter—an important consideration when you’re talking about the potentially dry topics of contract law and real estate finance.

Hondros encourages students to make a course schedule that meets their educational and scheduling needs, and you can easily download a course schedule from its website. If you are near one of Hondros’ Ohio or Michigan campuses, you can utilize in-classroom courses as well, and Ohio students can create a customized schedule that combines both online and live courses.

Building on its standards of high quality at its physical locations, Hondros College ports the same values over to its online courses, supplementing them with videos, webinars, and teaching from knowledgeable staff. This allows Hondros’ online curriculum to appeal to people with a variety of learning styles and to keep students from getting bored by learning in only one mode. Hondros’ CompuCram study guides receive high praise from students who recently completed their state and national exams. While the flexibility and quality of these courses is high, it’s important to double-check the options Hondros offers in your state. Some states, like Hondros’ home state of Ohio, have a full range of courses, while others have only state license exam prep or continuing education.


Hondros offers campus-based pre-license classes for Ohio students in Westerville, Hilliard, Uniontown, West Chester, Independence, Fairborn, Maumee, Jackson, Medina, and Youngstown. The college recently expanded its classroom pre-license offerings into Michigan, with classes taught in Flint, Jackson, and Monroe. Hondros keeps a current downloadable course schedule on its website so you can find the next class session in your area.

Online students with Hondros have one year to complete their pre-license courses unless otherwise stated in the class description. Some students who live near a Hondros campus choose to mix and match live courses with online study to fit their schedules and learning preferences. Hondros’ online courses include readings, videos, quizzes, and exam prep practice tests that can be taken numerous times until you feel fully confident that you’ve mastered the material.. Additionally, you can buy the CompuCram study guide – available in mobile- and tablet-friendly formats – that integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing, and comprehensive simulated exams into an all-in-one solution, based on your state’s current information and requirements.


Many of the reviews of Hondros  online have positive things to say about Hondros College’s professors, and students who’ve left reviews described the course materials as thorough and comprehensive. Hondros’  pre-license options for Ohio are by far the most extensive of its offerings, because that’s where the school is was founded. The course packages available for Ohio students include the required instructional hours, textbooks and supplemental course materials, plus a variety of options at different price points like review crammer and exam prep classes, career nights, post-licensing classes required for new agents, and continuing education. Hondros also has an alumni association, and members get free continuing education classes, regular Ohio real estate updates, and access to Hondros networking events.

Hondros online packages for other states include many of the same interactive learning features and extras, like the exam prep class, delivered in a mobile-friendly online format. Hondros offers a proprietary CompuCram exam prep package for several different states that includes up-to-date questions written by local real estate industry experts and integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing, and comprehensive simulated exams into an “all-in-one” solution. The “Readiness Indicator” lets you know when you are ready by tracking your progress and its pre-assessment highlights categories you need to focus on. Once you purchase it online, you receive instant access by logging in, and you can view it on tablets and mobile devices as well. Because some states require different topics in the pre-license course materials than those they include on the state license exam, supplemental packages like those offered by Hondros can ensure that there are no gaps in your real estate education, both for meeting the state education requirements and for passing the exam to get your license.

Hondros also offers real estate continuing education classes online for multiple states, as well as real estate broker exam prep, continuing education, and pre-licensing for several states.


You can take Hondros’ course quizzes and practice exams as many times as you need to during the online course to ensure you have a full grasp of the topics and are prepared for your state license exam. Reviewers said they enjoyed the variety of information delivery methods within the courses, including videos, webinars, and supplemental learning tools, as well as the available CompuCram guides to reinforce subject matter and prep for the state license exam. First-time students take one pretest to set a baseline level; the other quizzes and practice tests that come later in the course can be taken as often as you like, so you never need to feel you have to move on from a concept before you truly understand it.

Once you enroll in an online pre-license course with Hondros College, you have up to a year to complete the coursework and exams. After you successfully complete your course, you’ll get your certificate of completion, which you’ll need in order to register to take your state’s real estate sales agent license exam. The certificate is valid for ten years from the date it’s issued to you.  


  • Students near Hondros campuses in Ohio can mix and match in-classroom sessions with online study as desired for convenience and a more varied learning experience.
  • High-quality courses and knowledgeable professors have earned strong overall reviews from past students.
  • Unique “CompuCram” study guide helps ensure students are prepared to answer state and national real estate questions on their license exams


  • Pricier than other options, but with that price you get higher quality.
  • Campuses are only located in Ohio and Michigan; other state pre-license courses are offered online only.
  • Some course offerings for certain states are more limited than others;  check the course listings to see what Hondros offers in your state.

Student Reviews

Hondros is a great educational organization. I took my real estate pre-licensing and post licensing courses at this location many years ago, and have worked with them more recently to rent training/meeting space for my company. The facility is clean and modern. The classrooms are large and well laid out, with tables than can be moved around easily, and seats that are very comfortable. As a trainer, the AV set up is simple and mobile – which is unfortunately somewhat rare for training facilities. The staff also makes reserving space very easy. As a student, the staff were great to work with and very accommodating when I had something come up and needed to make up a class. The teachers are very experienced in their field, and share insightful stories during class. They used to have an in-house cafe for lunch, but they’ve turned it into a large lunch space with several vending machines. Hondros also offers a nursing program, and although I haven’t been in that program, there are always lots of nursing students studying in the hallways and a learning lab that they have. It looks like a great community of students. I also saw that one of the classrooms is set up like a hospital room with 4 beds for simulations. Pretty cool! If you are considering taking a course or completing one of Hondros’ career programs, I highly recommend them!” – Yelp

When they say they’re going to help you pass the test on the first try, they mean it… I just did! I was nervous, of course, but felt very well-prepared. The questions in the knowledge checks and quizzes are designed to be just like the actual exam. CompuCram was massively helpful and once again designed just like the actual exam. Scheduling was convenient, I did the weekend classes as I work two jobs during the week. Ten hour days might seem long, but it goes by very quickly and you get plenty of breaks. The instructors are great and I was never bored in any of the classes. I did quite a few lessons online as well and I feel like they were well put-together. The video lectures helped give a personal touch to the courses while the instructors often gave personal experiences and opinions that helped frame the material being taught. It might feel intimidating at first, but the instructors do a great job making sense of everything.” – Hondros College

Review Summary

Most of the Hondros College reviews available online relate to the in-classroom setting and the nursing program. In general, student reviewers agree that the physical campuses are clean and updated, and that courses and professors are organized and expectations are clearly set. Other reviewers who used the online courses shared their testimonies on the Hondros site and explained that they enjoyed all the supplemental tools that accompany the online courses, like videos, quizzes, and webinars.

Many reviewers gave positive feedback on the CompuCram study guides, some even relating that questions on the state exam were word-for-word from the guide. Overall, students who have completed their pre-license coursework with Hondros have been pleased with the experience and the results of their preparation for the state exams.

As a leader in online real estate education, Hondros has leveraged its success in Ohio to offer quality pre-license, exam prep, post-license, and continuing education courses online for other states across the nation; in fact, other real estate schools often work with Hondros to develop their own online courses. Hondros is not a bargain option when it comes to tuition, but with the extra cost comes extra quality, and you may find the interactive nature of the curriculum and the extra exam prep tools worth the money. With flexible tools and the option to mix in some in-person classes if you’re near any of its Ohio or Michigan campuses, Hondros is an easy-to-use, high-quality pre-license program that’s ideal for busy professionals and any students who want a flexible, self-paced approach to their real estate pre-license training.

States for which the program is valid: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia

Headquarters: 4140 Executive Parkway Westerville, OH 43081