New York Real Estate Institute Reviews


New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI) has built a solid reputation for reliable instruction, both online and in the classroom, a great license exam pass rate, and a unique program to help graduates start their new careers. Since the school was founded in 1987, New York Real Estate Institute has helped more than 100,000 students pass their exams and find work as sales agents. NYREI has the highest average state exam pass rate of any real estate school in New York State, 95% overall. In addition to holding regular classes at six different locations around the greater New York City area (in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester County, and Woodbury), NYREI also offers a wide range of online courses that students can purchase individually or in package deals.

NYREI has plenty of satisfied students who’ve said in their reviews that the school provides a great user experience and plenty of support from counselors and advisors, The school’s online courses include videos and other digital tools for multimodal learning of key concepts. Beyond that, NYREI sets itself apart from competing schools with its guaranteed job placement program, which connects new graduates to employing brokers so they can start working in their new industry as soon as they pass their license exam.

One important thing to note is that NYREI students have four months from the day they enroll to complete their course and pass the school’s exam. Students who miss the deadline can buy a two-month extension. Considering the overall cost of the course and volume of material it covers, it’s important for students to pick a course package and delivery method that fits well with their schedule.


NY Real Estate Institute offers several pre-license course packages. The basic classroom package includes the state-required 75-hour licensing course and a state exam preparation program, plus lifetime job placement assistance. The price for this package is $495. NYREI’s professional package for pre-license students adds two group tutoring sessions for the school exam, an introduction to real estate seminar, and a discount on continuing education courses that agents are required to take to maintain their license. The school’s platinum package, at roughly twice the cost of the basic package, adds a printed textbook, unlimited group tutoring sessions for the school exam and for the state license exam, online practice exams, the option to mix and match campus locations as well as class and online sessions, and other services.

Online-only courses at NYREI have a similar menu of package options, but there’s also a course-only package for $395 that covers only the material required by state law. Students who buy this package will probably want to supplement it with a separate state exam prep class.

For those who aren’t interested in packages, there is always the option of enrolling in a course only program. This program covers every topic that New York State requires students to master before they can take their license exam, in 75 hours total and for $395.

Course Features

  • Mixing in-class and online sessions: Because NYREI offers both in-class and online courses, they give students the option to mix and match delivery methods to suit their schedules and locations. This is only available with the school’s top-of-the-line platinum pre-license package, but for students who must have flexibility to complete the course, it could be a valuable option.
  • State license exam prep tools: NYREI’s platinum pre-license package includes unlimited group tutoring sessions to help students get ready for New York State’s real estate exam, plus online practice exams that students can take to get a sense of what they need to study more. For a small fee, students who buy other pre-license packages from NYREI can add on the New York Real Estate Exam Prep online package. It includes four practice tests to get students ready for the school’s final exam and the license exam, and it comes with a pass-or-your-money-back guarantee.
  • Guidance counselors and career advisors: These professionals are available to platinum package students, to help them navigate the pre-license process and make sure they meet all the state requirements to take the exam. They can also help graduates find job opportunities with brokerages in New York City and other locations in the state.
  • Group tutoring: If you prefer studying in the company of your classmates, there is always the option of joining NYREI’s program for group tutoring. This is the ideal option for those looking for a more interactive learning process, those who learn best through peer-to-peer discussion, and those who want to get to know other future real estate agents to start building a learning network.
  • Job placement assistance: NYREI offers help beyond the licensing process. Once you get your real estate license, you will be assisted in the process of finding a placement in some the top firms in the New York metro area or in Rochester. NYREI partners with residential, commercial, management, and development firms, which gives students access to a range of options for shaping their careers.
  • Recruiting by brokerage firms: Completing a course with NYREI gives you access to recruitment sessions happening on a daily basis. By attending these sessions, you can build your professional network and raise your chances of getting recruited by some of the Institutes partner firms.

Course Quality:

When it comes to ease of use, NYREI provides some of the best online courses out there. Their website is much faster than many of their competitors’ sites. It is also intuitive, with an easy-to-use interface that gets you right where you want to be with a single click. When you get to the course material itself, most students find it convenient, comprehensive and engaging. More than 100,000 students have completed NYREI’s programs. Some have been featured in the New York Times, Newsday, Real Estate Weekly, and Mashable for their professional accomplishments.

To develop its high quality course content, NYREI partnered with Hondros Online, another real estate pre-license course provider, to develop its online offerings. Leveraging Hondros’ decades of experience in online courses and the mix-and-match functionality of combining online learning with in-classroom options, NYREI professors enhanced the pre-license course content to ensure that it includes local expertise and is fully up to date to reflect the realities of the current market. Some of the more comprehensive packages give students the opportunity to start building professional connections within the New York real estate community as well as career guidance from experienced counselors.


With NYREI, you are given the choice between in-class, online and combination programs. Their in-class courses have extremely flexible schedules. There is no need to make reservations for classes, which are held seven days and four nights a week. Students can simply find the most convenient time and location for the class they need to take and show up ready to learn. This all makes it very easy to fit the course into your schedule. In addition, NYREI’s platinum pre-license package gives you the freedom to combine online sessions with classroom lessons at any of their locations, so you can fit your studies into your day no matter where you happen to be.

Online courses are self-paced, as long as you meet the school’s four-month time limit. Classroom attendance options include:

  • “Fast track” full-time classes for 10 weekdays
  • Twenty days of Monday through Thursday classes in the morning, afternoon, or evening
  • Five weekends of full-day Saturday and Sunday classes
  • Ten weekends of Saturday or Sunday full-day classes
  • Make your own schedule

When it’s time to take the school final exam, students can choose from several weekday options or book a private test time for a $50 proctor fee.


All NYREI’s packages include the state-required 75-hours of pre-license instruction, which goes into all the topics that are necessary for passing the course and which can help students prepare for the licensing exam. Because their practice programs include mock exams with hundreds of questions similar to those you will encounter at the actual real estate exam, students generally say that they feel well-prepared for the state test, and NYREI’s 95% pass rate supports that sentiment.

NYREI offers education resources beyond pre-licensing, with “the largest selection of real estate courses in New York.” Its continuing education classes are available online or in the classroom, and agents can buy their required coursework in packages or a la carte. NYREI also offers professional development classes on negotiation, apartment management, real estate investing, property and casualty licensing, green building practices, and pre-license courses for employing brokers, appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage loan originators.


NYREI’s classroom learning opportunities give students a chance to discuss course topics with other people who are excited about the New York real estate industry. And the online classes, developed in conjunction with Hondros, are high-quality. Students who purchase the platinum pre-license package or the exam-prep class get access to mock exams that simulate what it is going to be like at the actual exam. Regardless of which course you end up choosing, you will be given access to both written and video materials. Private group tutoring, in addition to the group tutoring that comes with the professional and platinum packages, can be purchased a la carte for students who want extra help getting ready for their exams. All in all, it could be said that NYREI’s courses are more engaging than the average.


  • Provides good tools for exam prep, with national and state practice questions on topics students can expect to see on the real exam
  • Gives access to qualified counselors and advisors to help with course selection, career development, and professional networking
  • Offers content that is more engaging than the average real estate curriculum, thanks to a large slate of campus-based lessons for face-to-face interactions plus well-developed online content
  • Flexible schedules for in-class courses at multiple locations around New York City
  • Seamless user experience for online courses on a fast-loading site that’s easy to navigate
  • Can be retaken at no extra cost


  • Courses only valid in New York State
  • Negative user experiences with customer service
  • Pricier than some other courses

Student Reviews 

What can I say about NYREI…. simply WONDERFUL!!!!.They offer classroom and online courses, however I STRONGLY advise taking all of your courses in the classroom for a myriad of reasons, which I’ll get to later. There are also a number of campuses to choose from Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, and Westchester.You can purchase all of the courses you need for your license as a package deal for a discount ( from $395-$540.) which I also STRONGLY recommend! There are career counselors available to speak with on campus who are very knowledgeable and friendly. They offer morning, evening, and weekend classes, all of which I have attended for assorted courses. BY FAR, the best time campus to sign up for is in Long Island.The reason I advise taking on-campus classes are as follows:1) The instructors are very knowledgeable and all of the ones I’ve had are currently working in the industry as brokers, experienced agents, etc and in addition to teaching the coursework offer EXTREMELY valuable advice based on their personal experiences. That being said, you’re going to get the most out of your time and money attending campus classes because you get a lot of exposure to the industry AND get a head start on finding a company that you can work for.As far as Saturday classes are concerned, I would have to say that the instructors make if fun and time seems to fly by…The class atmosphere is very relaxed, much like a regular college class. Coffee was usually provided daily by the school and students are permitted to bring food and drinks into the classroom. I’ve yet to have any complaint about any of my instructor Bill ( Who litterally wrote the Book). He is a great teacher on their subjects and have been able to thoroughly explain any questions asked of him. Like I said earlier,all of the teachers are extremely experienced and most have literally been in real estate for decades. The things I’ve learned from the instructors here I consider to be invaluable and something I definitely would NOT have gotten had I taken the courses online.Another nice thing about New York Real Estate Institute is that the price of the textbook additional $40. For those with an urge to get ahead, you can pick up your book from campus as soon as your class is paid for. This is something I did for all of my classes and having read the course information ahead of time was a tremendous help.Basically — IF YOU READ THE THROUGH AND STUDY THE TEXTBOOK, YOU WILL ACE THE EXAM. The textbook is sectioned off well and are easy to read and understand. Absorb as much as the class information is possible, because even after you pass the class you’ll still need to retain the information for your State exam! In summary, NYREI is a fantastic place for real estate education and you definitely get a lot of educational bang for your buck!” – Citysearch

Convenient locations, easy to sign up and great education. Unfortunately, very poor customer service. Tom specifically, at the Manhattan location,was very rude and sarcastic, almost making fun of the questions i had. He should not be answering the phone.” – Google


NYREI seems to be well liked by the students who have attended and taken the time to write reviews. Many of these student reviewers said they were very satisfied with their instructors, especially the quality of the information they provided and the level of classroom engagement. Students who took online courses said they were pleased with the easy navigation of the site. Some reviewers mentioned that they were not as satisfied with NYREI’s customer service, which is a common complaint about real estate schools across the country. Those students said they had trouble trying to get in touch with customer service reps from NYREI at times. Despite the customer service issues, both online and in class students said they felt that the coursework and the exam prep tools did a good job of getting them ready to pass their license exam.


NYREI boasts one of the highest average pass rates in real estate licensing in general, at 95%. This is probably due to the quality of their instruction and course packages that give students options like flexible scheduling and mixing different delivery methods, combined with quality materials that are more engaging than those of other real estate schools.

When it comes to student support, New York Real Estate Institute provides counselors, career advisors, and group tutoring as well as daily recruitment visits from potential sponsoring brokers in the greater New York metro area. In addition, their website is known for being faster and more user friendly than most. Of course, these courses have their downsides as well. Apart from only being valid in the state of New York, they also come with customer support that could surely be made more responsive. All in all, however, NYREI makes for an excellent choice for most students, especially those who are eager to pass the state exam on the first try and get started on their new career.

States for which the program is valid: New York

Headquarters: 132 West 36th Street New York, New York 10018