OnCourse Learning (formerly Career Webschool) Reviews


OnCourse Learning is a national provider of online real estate, appraisal, home inspection, and continuing education in many states. OnCourse has been teaching professionals in these fields for the last four decades. The company prides itself on actively monitoring new industry developments and working to ensure its course material is timely, accurate, and up-to-date. OnCourse Learning recently pulled several other schools under its umbrella, including ProSchools, Career Webschool, California License, and American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT). OnCourse Real Estate’s parent company also offers online professional education for the healthcare and mortgage industries; in all, more than 1 million students complete one of the company’s courses each year. OnCourse is certified by ARELLO, the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC), and the Appraisal Foundation (AQB).

OnCourse has a reputation for delivering solid content at reasonable rates. Many OnCourse students have said they appreciate the budget-friendly options provided in the course catalog, and the school sometimes offers promo code discounts on its real estate courses that can save students as much as 30% off the listed price. The company’s Career Webschool subsidiary is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating with that organization. OnCourse Real Estate reports an overall pass rate of 65.75% and a sales agent pass rate of 65.56% from 2016 to 2018.


OnCourse pre-license tuition rates vary by state, because each state has its own requirements for the number of instructional hours and because OnCourse package options may be different from state to state.

Here’s an example of OnCourse pre-license education package options:

  • The Works Deluxe Package with Virtual Study Program: $157
  • The Works Package with Virtual Study Program: $131
  • The Basic Package: $104

For some states, you can purchase full, one-stop packages like “The Works Deluxe” that includes one 60-hour course, four 30-hour courses, a hefty exam prep tool for state and national tests, additional guides, textbooks, virtual study guides, live instructor support, enhanced customer support, real estate blog subscription, and a money-back guarantee on passing your exam (with restrictions). Prices decrease as you scale down in what’s included and number of hours covered, and you can purchase individual continuing education courses for as low as $20. One thing to keep in mind is that OnCourse pre-license education is not available in every state the company serves. In some states, OnCourse offers exam prep classes and continuing education for licensed real estate agents but not the courses needed to earn the license.

Course Features

  • Math review: All OnCourse bundles include courses devoted to real estate math. They help you become familiar with the formulas you will need while working as a real estate agent and explain when and why you’ll use them.
  • Support team: Once you sign up for one of their courses, OnCourse assigns you a whole team of people to support your learning process. You get your own account manager, a representative from customer service and a member of the technical support team. Of course, your participation in OnCourse’s programs also gives you access to experienced instructors.
  • Online discussion boards: OnCourse gives students access to community discussion forums where they can discuss class topics, ask questions, and get answers from instructors and other students.
  • License exam prep toolkit: At OnCourse, real estate license exam prep class includes not just mock exams, but a number of other learning tools as well. You can use flashcards to memorize key concepts, watch webinars covering all the most important topics, and see what tips experts have for you regarding the exam itself. These extra resources are important because many states include different information on their real estate license exams from what they require in pre-license education courses.
  • Learning guarantee: OnCourse guarantees that pre-license students who score 80% or higher on their course exams and take their state license exam within a year of finishing their course will pass the license exam on the first try, or the school will pay them the cost of their retake fee.
  • Textbooks included for some courses: OnCourse real estate classes are taught online, but some use a textbook in conjunction with the digital lessons. OnCourse will ship textbooks to students who need them to complete their course.
  • Printable materials for some courses: Depending on the specific class requirements, students may have access to PDF files they can download and print for offline study, note-taking, and highlighting important concepts.
  • Final exam retakes: Depending on the law in their state, students may get a second chance to take their course final exam if they don’t pass it on the first try.
  • Course completion certificate: Students must have this certificate to take the real estate license exam in their state. OnCourse can electronically file the certificate with the student’s state agency or mail a hard copy to the student.

Course Quality

OnCourse Learning uses a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that combines best practices in applied learning, course management, data tracking, and reporting in a central location. The site provides courses to satisfy requirements for pre- and post-license hours for new agents, currently active agents, and brokers, as well as general continuing education courses, exam prep, and commercial real estate CE. Overall, students who’ve reviewed their experience with OnCourse real estate classes were generally positive about the course content but less enthusiastic about the quality of the company’s customer service; customer service complaints seem to be common across the real estate education industry.


The web-based content is available 24 hours a day, making it easy to work on your courses at your own pace—important for students who may be taking their real estate classes while working full-time or taking care of family responsibilities. OnCourse’s organized dashboard provides at-a-glance status of upcoming classes, progress within current classes, certificates earned, deadlines, events and notifications. Once you complete your course, you have instant access to your certificate, which you will need in order to book a time to take the licensing exam in your state. Support is available via phone, email, or Facetime during regular business hours.


All real estate classes offered by OnCourse Learning are approved by the state’s real estate board or commission and meet that state’s legal requirements for content and the number of instructional hours. Each pre-license course is divided into short, 20 to 30 minute lessons consisting of text with multiple choice questions mixed in. After a few screens of course content, you’ll be quizzed to check for understanding. At the end of the lesson, the computer will go back to the questions you missed and review them in random order, with lessons marked complete once you’ve answered all the questions correctly on two occasions. This helps ensure that you’ve mastered the concepts before moving on to the next lesson. You can quit a lesson at any time and bookmark your place so you don’t have to repeat work.

OnCourse’s PrepxL classes are available as part of some pre-license packages and as standalone classes that are intended for students who have already finished their pre-license coursework. Each prep course includes daily study goals, a library of hundreds of mock exam questions to drill, mock exams that are timed to give you a sense of how ready you are for real license exam, and a progress tracker that shows which questions you’ve aced and which topics you need to study more before you take your state exam. PrepXL is available in some states for which OnCourse doesn’t offer pre-license courses yet, including Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, and Maine.


In addition to the quizzes throughout the lessons, learning games and videos add variety and interest and help to reinforce key real estate concepts in a fun, multidimensional way. It’s also a great approach for students with different learning styles. An automatic tracker monitors how you are doing in each lesson, so it can help you review any difficult topics at the end. Again, this is one of OnCourse’s features to help students master each topic before moving on to the next. You can also access hosted community boards that allow students to share questions and discuss class topics with both peers and instructors—a helpful option for students who learn best through discussion and for when you have a question other students might be able to help you with. Some courses also provide live instructor interaction to help ensure material is understood.


  • Self-paced studies make it easy to fit into your schedule, so you can complete your state’s pre-license education requirements in the time available to you, while also working and handling your family responsibilities.
  • Student discussion boards give you a chance to compare notes with other people taking your course, ask questions, and get feedback from your peers—an important benefit for courses where there’s no physical classroom.
  • Interactive elements, regular quizzes, learning games and videos, as well as a progress tracker, make it interesting and easy to complete lessons. These features also appeal to students with a variety of learning styles, far beyond what a plain text or PDF-based curriculum does. The quizzes also help students make sure they understand each concept in the curriculum before moving on to the next class topic
  • A long list of potential courses and packages allow you to customize your education path so you can choose the options that fit your budget, your career goals, and your state’s requirements for pre-licensing and continuing education.


  • OnCourse real estate classes are primarily online, although some courses do include a textbook or PDF files you can download and print, so you must be comfortable with this type of learning style, have access to a computer or smartphone, and meet the connectivity requirements to be able to access the content consistently.
  • Some reviewers found it challenging to understand which courses were needed for their situation; take the time to contact the company if you have any questions before you enroll, to make sure you’re signed up for what you need.
  • Some negative feedback on customer service.

Student Reviews

I went to Realtor classes at an actual school. The school setting was fine, but a little slow paced for me. This web based program was at my own pace. The material was clear and concise. It has great worksheets that accompany the lessons. I would definitely recommend and use this program again.” – Facebook

This is an awful school. The content is poorly organized and there are glitches in their program that they really didn’t seem to care about fixing, but that are really bothersome. I’ve not taken my test yet, and while I’m sure I will do fine, I will be having to pull from other resources for the type of exams given in my state, which is GA. The only thing this school has going for it is that it is accredited, but it’s a miserable learning experience, just for the record, and is really not set up well for helping someone actually learn and understand the material. I’m actually glad my state offers a more difficult exam, because I would not consider anyone qualified for anything after taking this course.” – BBB

Review Summary

OnCourse pre-license courses have earned mixed reviews from students. Some students like OnCourse Learning for the flexibility it offers and the price, which is budget-friendly compared to some of the other online real estate licensing courses. Many students have also been happy with the personal instructors who work with them throughout the course. Some things that students have been less than pleased with are the customer service, and the site not being the most user-friendly when trying to determine what courses are needed. Customer service seems to be a problem for many online real estate courses, and is an area of extreme frustration for students.

If you are comfortable with online learning and can navigate a site and self-pace your studies, OnCourse may be a good option. OnCourse offers an attractive collection of short, interesting, and diverse lessons with support from discussion boards and videos. You can customize your learning package based on your needs and goals, and this flexibility allows you to make the education work with your timeline and budget. However, if you are on a tight timeline and don’t want to risk potential issues with customer service and site issues, you may want to carefully weigh that against the curriculum quality and price benefits that OnCourse offers.

States for which the program is valid: All 50 States, to varying degrees

Headquarters: 20225 Water Tower Blvd Ste 400, Brookfield, WI 53045-3576