Real Estate Express Reviews


Established in 1996, Real Estate Express was one of the first to offer online courses for real estate pre-licensing purposes, and to date some 350,000 students have completed its classes. As a budget-friendly option that provides pre-license education in 25 states, it remains the school of choice for tens of thousands of new students each year. Once purchased, the Real Estate Express pre-licensing course can be accessed via your personal account, where you can find all the materials, some of which are videos or text that you can download and print. Apart from individual courses, students are given the option of choosing between a number of different packages that combine the required coursework with extra features like exam practice tests and additional support.
Real Estate Express also provides post-license courses and license-upgrade classes for selected states, and through its affiliation with McKissock, the school offers state-approved continuing education for licensed agents across the US. As a result, Real Estate Express remains competitive despite the growing number of real estate schools.


Prices may vary depending on state, but here are a couple of examples that should give you a feeling of how affordable Real Estate Express really is. The prices for their Get Started Package start at $99. With this bundle, you get a pre-licence course, instructor support, education concierge, access to student forum and three books on real estate. The number of hours for the pre-license course also varies depending on state, ranging from 30 to 180.

Other bundles have more features, such as Exam Prep Master, live Q&A and professional development membership, but these come with additional costs. However, Exam Prep Master can be bought individually at a price of $69, and for some states, pre-license courses themselves are available both as part of packages and on their own.

Course Features

  • Instructor support: Regardless of which course or package you end up choosing, you will be assigned with a state approved instructor. They will be available to you via both email and phone to answer your questions about the course material and to offer tips on preparing for the state license exam.
  • Education concierge: This is yet another helpful feature that comes with every Real Estate Express package. Your education concierge helps you manage your course of study and meet all the pre-exam requirements in your state, so that you can focus on getting ready for the exam without surprises along the way.
  • Student forum: Available to all students, the forum is an online message board where you can talk over class topics, ask questions, and share information with your classmates and instructors.
  • Exam Prep Master: This feature isn’t included in all the packages, but students can buy it separately as a standalone class. It provides additional materials that are more state specific than the basic course itself, in the form of multiple practice tests that students can take as many times as they wish. What makes it particularly popular, however, is the fact that it comes with a money-back guarantee, that students who make an 80 or higher on all of the practice tests in the class, and then take the state exam within a certain number of days, will pass the exam or get a refund.
  • Live Q&A: If you need more information or feedback than your instructor, student discussion group, or education concierge can offer, you can subscribe for one of the packages that include live Q&As. These online sessions are attended by real estate experts capable of answering any question you might have about course topics, exam preparation, and career development.
  • Professional development membership: Another helpful feature that only comes with some of the packages, this membership gives you access to tools and materials that can help you kickstart your career after you have passed your state exam. Courses on professional development, videos with tips and entire webinars are just some of the examples of what you can get with this type of membership.

Course Quality

Real Estate Express offers state-specific pre-license courses to meet each state’s legal requirements for pre-license education and to help students get fully prepared to start their new careers. The website is very user friendly, especially for those who are yet to become familiar with requirements for getting a real estate license. All courses are categorized depending on their purpose, that is, into pre-licensing, exam preparation and post-licensing courses. Here is how the pre-license course fares in terms of how convenient, comprehensive and engaging it is.


Real Estate Express offers courses that are available in many states, which makes it one of the more convenient schools for students from all over the US. All courses can be completed online, which allows you to work at your own pace. In that respect, it is as convenient as they come. When it comes to study materials, they are all provided and easily accessible. You can even download and print some of them for greater ease of use. Real Estate Express’ student forums, education concierge service, and accessible instructors help students keep up with their coursework, find answers to their questions, and get support when they need it.

Through its parent company, McKissock, Real Estate Express offers money-saving membership programs for continuing education classes, which states require for agents to maintain active license status. With a subscription plan, new agents have an ongoing menu of CE options ready when they’re needed. Real Estate Express also makes it easy for students to learn more about building a real estate career, with free resources in the career hub on the school’s website as well as competitively priced online professional development classes on business topics like social media market, cloud document storage and transfer, and serving clients in the luxury housing market.


The material provided in Real Estate Express’ courses is pretty exhaustive, covering all the basic topics. The length of each course varies depending on the state for which it is intended, but they all satisfy the predetermined number of hours necessary to pass the real estate exam. Getting a package that includes Exam Prep Master gives you access to mock exams, which makes the preparation for the actual exam even more effective. Having the ability to talk over the concepts in Real Estate Express student forums is a plus that not all online real estate schools provide.

Students who’ve passed their state exams and earned their real estate license can also take the post-license coursework required by Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. There are also continuing education classes available for many states with Real Estate Express. And when you’re ready to upgrade your license from sales agent to broker (or, in Illinois, from broker to managing broker), Real Estate Express offers the courses required by the states of California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, and New York.


People learn in different ways–reading, listening, watching, discussing, and Real Estate Express works to meet every learner’s needs. Real Estate Express courses contain video materials, as well as supplemental materials you can download and print. They also feature tools for making notes and tracking progress while working on the materials. The student forum also makes studying more engaging, and instructors are available to answer questions and explain challenging concepts.

Real Estate Express’ combination of variety in the curriculum plus student discussion tools is a step up from some competing schools in the same price range that deliver the course content as PDF documents with limited multimedia material and no student forums. Because real estate pre-license topics are important but not always exciting—conveyance of title, for example—choosing a school that keeps the material interested can make the difference between an experience that feels like a slog and one that feels like relevant preparation for your new career.


  • Course prices accommodate all budgets. You can purchase your entire pre-license course package at once for convenience or you can buy your courses one at a time as your time and budget allow.
  • Pre-license courses provide state specific information as required by law, and exam-prep practice tests are specific to each state, as well.
  • Helpful study tools are at your disposal throughout the course, including videos, quizzes, online discussion opportunities, written materials, and instructor access.
  • Instructors and student forum offer plenty of person-to-person support.
  • All courses that include the Exam Prep Master class come with a pass on the first try or you don’t pay guarantee.


  • Individual pre-licensing courses aren’t available for all states.
  • Customer service is sometimes hard to reach, which can lead to delays in accessing the course or getting answers to questions.

Student Reviews 

I started using Real Estate Express in October of 2016. I am having trouble with a certain practice exam and have asked my instructor for help. The only help she has provided me is telling me to review my material. I have told her that I am having trouble understanding the material and the responses I have received from her are “this is not her only job” and “you are not my only student”. I signed up for this school to become a real estate agent and have a teacher for guidance when needed. I am in need of that guidance and this instructor has made it clear that I am not her priority. I am asking Real Estate Express to refund me in FULL. The whole point of an instructor is to instruct the student when they are in need.” – BBB

The course package was just what I needed to gain the education requirements of the Real Estate Commission. The course materials were thorough and the online experience worked well. I was confident and prepared to pass the state exam with little stress. I will definitely be returning to RealEstate express to keep my continuing education credits up to date for my future license renewal requirements.” – Groupon

“I am in the process of taking this course, and so far it’s great! It is extremely extensive, informative and detailed, making me confident that I will be well prepared for the exam. I also love how organized this course is. You are always informed on the progress you have made, the amount of work you have left, and where you currently are in the course.” –


Real Estate Express is a top choice for students due to its budget-friendly pricing, experience in the industry, and availability in many states. While students tend to like the good test prep overall, there have been many complaints that the course material does not match the proctored exam, which has caused some serious frustration. However, the Exam Prep Master class that’s available with some pre-license packages and as a standalone purchase comes with a pass-or-don’t pay guarantee (except in Florida and Tennessee, due to state laws).

Real Estate Express has been said to have good tools for studying throughout the course. The only problem is they haven’t quite figured out how to make the course more engaging for the students, and despite receiving numerous complaints, the coursework still has grammatical errors littered throughout.

Some students have complained about the high extra fee to retake a failed test, but this is something that is known from the time of signup. The customer service with Real Estate Express is rated well, when the students manage to get in touch with them, but that can take time since they don’t have always-on service. This can be an issue given the need for flexibility with online courses, and the complaints of glitchy quizzes and course issues. If you’re in a hurry to finish your course so you can take your exam and start working, keep in mind that customer service response times may require patience and planning on your part.


Real Estate Express courses aren’t perfect, especially in terms of material reliability, interactive tools or customer service, so it may not be the best choice for students who want a super-smooth experience. However, it’s hard to argue with their results when it comes to pass rates. In fact, 79% of those who complete Real Estate Express pre-license courses end up passing their state exams. This is one of the main reasons why students love it, others being the fact that it is budget friendly and has decent tools for studying. All in all, Real Estate Express could be improved in terms of course material details and customer service response times, but it is one of the more effective online pre-license courses for students who are focused on passing their state exams and getting to work in their new real estate careers.

States for which the program is valid: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington

Headquarters: 12977 North Forty Drive, Suite 108, St. Louis, MO 63141